The 3 Rules of Dropping Projects

Plus: Medium implemented something I asked them to do for years!


Nik here! All is well in book-writing land. I’m finally getting into a rhythm and making good progress.

One way I handle distracting writing ideas is by tweeting them instead of turning them into articles. Then, if the tweet resonates, and I feel like I’m not done talking about it, I can still write an essay!

This week, that’s what happened with this tweet:

The result is an article called “The 3 Rules of Dropping Projects.” You can read it below:

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In other news, Medium finally implemented something I’ve nagged them about for years: sales commissions!

From my very first Partner Program article, I’ve repeatedly received some variation of the following comment: “This article is the reason I became a Medium Member.” As much as I love being a Medium ambassador and bringing more readers to this great platform, it always bothered me that I wasn’t paid for what was essentially one of the most valuable activities for the company: doing sales. Now, writers finally are!

If you become a Medium Member via my referral page, I will receive half of your membership fee for as long as you stay subscribed. How cool is that?! If you’re not a member already and want to support me and other writers, this is a great way to do it.

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If you’re a writer too, you can find more info about referrals here.

One of the biggest lessons I’m learning this year (for about the 800th time), is that good things require focus to build. I wish you the discipline to chip away at your biggest success.

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