[only today] Listen to My Medium Stories for Free

Reading.FM offers 10 free weekly listens if you join by August 31st

Heyo, Nik here with a quick note.

You probably don’t know this, but a few years ago, a kind man named Ivan reached out to me and offered something fantastic: Human-read audio recordings of my writing, free of charge. Naturally, I said yes.

For several years now, his company, Reading.FM, has graciously provided professional audio recordings of the summaries I’ve published at Four Minute Books, and, lately, also of some of my best Medium articles.

This is what their audio player looks like:

Right now, there are a million and one AI-generated voice-over companies out there, and if you ask me, they all suck. So far, they’re not up to par.

Great stories read by passionate people. That’s the kind of audio I want, and that’s exactly what Reading.FM provides.

I’m so glad they’re finally launching their paid subscription and am happy to return some of the 500+ favors they’ve done me over the years.

If you sign up today, you can listen to 10 stories each week, free of charge.

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After today, new signups will only get 5 free listens per week. So, if you want to listen to about 70 of my best stories for free, right now’s the time to sign up, and it won’t cost you a thing.

What else can you do with 10 free weekly listens? For example listen to hundreds of our book summaries on Four Minute Books, which we’ve now embedded on every summary page where available. Just stay logged in to your Reading.FM account, and enjoy!

Alternatively, you can browse Reading.FM's vast collection of blogshows, including essays from your other favorite Medium writers, like Sinem Günel, Amardeep Parmar, Nick Wignall, and many more.

They also have some world-famous bloggers, like Derek Sivers, on their roster, and the first non-English content is out as well (I spot several German listens :)).

Whatever you'll listen to, their web player makes for a seamless experience.

If you enjoy your subscription and want to get ad-free, limitless listening, you can upgrade anytime. The premium version costs $4.90/month or $49/year (saving you 2 months by paying up front).

Whether you go paid or not, I highly encourage you to sign up to Reading.FM today if you haven't. It's free, and there's no risk in getting an extra 5 free listens each week!

Get 10 free weekly listens »

Remember, this offer is only good for the rest of today, August 31st.

In my best Shia LaBeouf voice: Just do it! It’s free. It takes 30 seconds. And you’ll support good people doing their best work.

That’s all. Talk soon!

Your email friend,