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My latest interview with Amardeep Parmar


Nik here!

I don’t do too many interviews, so I thought I’d share this one: The other day, I talked to my fellow writer and friend Amardeep Parmar for his podcast Mindful & Driven.

Amar is all about balancing work and life. How can you achieve your ambitious goals without losing sight of what’s important, like your health and mental wellbeing? That’s the question at the heart of his podcast, which led to us talking about…

  • Quality vs. quantity, and why I think “quantity leads to quality” is somewhat flawed advice

  • Why I had to quit my best-paying job to regain my balance

  • How you can define success for yourself in non-financial terms

  • The 2 principles of using your mind to make big goals happen

…and a lot more! The interview is only about 30 minutes, so it’s not too long either. You can listen to it on all the major podcast outlets using the button below:

Listen Now

If you fancy video, Amar also kindly recorded our session and put it on Youtube:

If you enjoy the show, consider subscribing to it. Amar is putting a lot of work into it. For extra karma, you can leave a review here.

That’s all! Happy listening!

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