A Free, 42-Minute Audiobook From Me

Empty your cup this weekend?

Hey hey, it’s Nik!

Reading.FM did an insanely cool thing: They narrated my story As the World Reopens, Don’t Forget to Empty Your Cup.

Why is that special? Because it’s a freakin’ 25-minute read! Now, thanks to the amazing Craig Trayler, it’s also a 42-minute audiobook. I had no idea I’d get my own long-form audiobook this early, but here we are.

You can listen to it with a free Reading.FM account. Once you have one, just click the image below to go to their sleek web player:

The free account gets you 5 listens a week. Reading.FM also offers countless other great stories, for example summaries from Four Minute Books, more of my Medium stories, and the biggest hits of other, amazing authors. If you want to listen more, you can always upgrade to a full subscription for $49/year (or $4.90/month).

For now, I’m just super happy they ran with this one (I found out on Twitter, lol). I hope it’ll make for a good weekend listen.

Till next time!

Your email friend,